Part 2: Tips for Fast Paced Presentations // 2018


Tips for your Presentations at The Experience // ARC

For the third year running, we love to keep mixing things up at ARC and our attendees will get on stage with a Fast-Paced presentation, Pecha Kucha style, at The Experience // ARC, where they too will be the expert for a whole 3 minutes and 45 seconds!

The Experience Team has round up some advice for The Fast-Paced Presenters to help them prepare.

If you don’t know about The Fast-Paced Presentations that are happening at The Experience, read about it here. The idea is to create a slideshow and mini presentation of 15 slides, each slide lasting for 15 seconds.

Below we have some advice from Hugh Whitaker who’s been through the process already and presented last October at the first Experience. We hope you can use some of these points for your own presentations!

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One of the joys about attending conferences is getting to meet other attendees, and discover who and what they’re about. Often conferences feature a few key presenters but the crowd is full of so many talented unique artists who you might not end up discovering or interacting with. The Experience // ARC is a conference that aims to highlight and celebrate the audience as much as the speakers.

Sachin Khona came up with the idea of fast paced presentations that are uniform in the style of presentation but free in the content. The idea is to create a slideshow and mini presentation of 15 slides, each slide lasting for 15 seconds. Sachin asked me to put together one of these presentations with some of my own personal work to see if it would work and if I could subsequently offer any advice to anyone wishing to get involved. The following are my notes from my first attempt!

  1. Keep it simple.

Don’t overcomplicate your message and try to fit too much information. I had so many crazy ideas but once I scaled it back, it came together more easily. Remember, you only have 15 seconds per slide!

  1. Figure out your topic before choosing images.

Because my subject is personal work / photography I thought I should select the images first, but I hadn’t formed my topic properly so I wasn’t really selecting with a purpose. Work on your presentation and choose your images afterwards.

  1. Leave room for breathing.

I ended up writing 15 short paragraphs. And practicing each one against the clock. I found watching that 15 seconds run out was nerve wracking so I simplified the paragraphs. I have less content but I can now deliver it in a more relaxed pace, leaving space for natural filler so it doesn’t sound robotic. Breathing space is important!

  1. Use your slides as reminders.

Use your slides as reminders to what you’re going to say but not definite topic changes.

Try and make it seamless, if you try and start and stop each point with your slides it leaves for awkward pauses or worse sudden rushing at the end. You don’t need to change topics for every slide.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice.

I’ve gone through my presentation so many times and it’s still not where it needs to be. So don’t leave this to the last minute!

  1. Get started now.

Don’t wait to get started on your presentation – form a base and then practice to refine your message. It will take time and effort but it will all be worth it in the end. Good luck!


Pro tip from Brian Van Wyk:

“The one thing I am rediscovering is the unique challenge of not having control of when your slides move. You don’t have a clicker on stage. The Practice practice practice point is so important.

I highly suggest setting up a slideshow for yourself with the slides @ 15 seconds each and letting it roll without you touching it. Experiencing that for the first time on stage is really hard. I find that has been the best method to prepare myself for this.”

Rachel Pick:

“Practice with a timer and talk slower than you think you’ll need to! That clock counts down faster than you think it will especially when standing in front of an audience.”

Image by Ross Harvey


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