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Are you waking up every day feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and anxious that your editing pile, inbox and your ‘to do’ list is stacking up and seems to be never ending?  Do you find you need to show up for your clients and shoots on your best form – energized and creative – but you’re exhausted and simultaneously being pulled in so many other directions?

On top of that, do you feel guilty for not spending time with your partner and family, and when you are with them, you feel guilty you’re not on top of your client’s deadlines? It never ends…

Life can feel like a struggle because ultimately what you want is more time and more energy to do the things you love. You want to be attracting the right clients with the right organization and systems, have that next level confidence and clarity to help you smoothly and efficiently cut through all the work, so that you can regain what’s actually missing – Control.

You’ve hit a plateau and just keeping up isn’t enough any more.

You’ve got to make a change and get back to creating the life you’re meant to be living!

It’s a Lifestyle.

I know how you feel because I’ve been there too. I was shooting multiple weddings in London, England as I was simultaneously packing my bags and moving to Canada. 

I tried a lot of things and soon I was consistently earning over $100k per year through wedding photography but my family needed me in London and I felt pulled in all directions, I was exhausted and went through waves of feeling stressed out and anxious.

But I figured it out .. I learned the hard way, on my own through trial and error and with the help of mentors, through experimenting and evolving along the way.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes as me.

Let me show you the pitfalls.

I’ve failed, sifted through the information, tested and implemented what works. I can show you how to go from surviving to thriving like a true Architect – designing, building and growing your creative life with well-defined systems, rhythms and workflows that will elevate your business and life to the next level.


“The best thing I did in 2020 was hiring Sachin Khona to help me get organized.

I have a purpose, unlike before.

I have a new car, my business is going well, and I have boundaries …”

— Tim Riddick

 “Forces you to become laser-focused on where you want to take your business/brand. As well as providing you with countless tips, tricks, guides and systems for developing a strong framework .. there’s a strong emphasis on community and accountability which makes you really want to do the work…

— Ben Miller Cole

Meet Your Guide: Sachin Khona

I have adapted, created and evolved systems to thrive in life and business with a consistent flow of  my dream clients. Before shooting weddings I worked the corporate life as an accountant and took the leap to be a creative wedding photographer (at the same time as moving countries) in 2011!

After documenting weddings full time for the first 5 years , in 2016 I was inspired to build a community and a culture in Vancouver with a unique Wedding Photography conference called ‘The Experience’. Successfully running 4 annual events with over 450 people in attendance, I created the energy to fly multiple times across the Atlantic ocean, shooting weddings and simultaneously supporting my family.

I was feeling on fire that I was creating and living the life I truly wanted. And I still do.

Now I’m here to share with you the tools, the systems, and ultimately the lifestyle that can help you thrive. I’ll show you the practices I developed to help me feel clear, calm and energized from morning to night. 

Now I’m consistently booking the kind of clients that I want to work with and I’m happier, calmer, more energized, more fulfilled and I have an amazing relationship with my creativity, my business and my partner Maxine.

My future feels bright and I’m excited to wake up every day knowing that I’m living what I was designed to do.  It’s my purpose in life to continuously grow and evolve and I want to invite you to join our community of like-minded creative wedding photographers.

The Architect Lifestyle System is now open and I’m excited to share it with you.

The Architect Lifestyle System

Here’s what you’ll gain inside the community:

  • Clear Vision and Goals for your business giving you razor sharp focus and the intentions to hit your targets.
  • Quickly Grow Your Clients with momentum that serves your lifestyle freeing you up to spend time with the people you love.
  • Organize Your Life and Business to coexist in harmony – no more conflict, no more guilt.
  • More Time For Family & Yourself by gaining ultimate focus and clarity freeing you up to go on adventures and trips with zero guilt.
  • Implement Structure and Workflows into your business to save time, feel more creative and energized. 
  • Access Sales Systems and Tools to create consistent client inquiries & systematic bookings month to month.
  • Go From Procrastination To Creation with the right support & high levels of accountability.
  • Community Accountability and Group Motivation – Our Private network builds relationships and support that last.
  • Work Less And Get More Time by removing decision fatigue, playing to your strengths and overcoming any weaknesses.

Together, with consistent action, we’ll celebrate your success and evolution.

“An opportunity to create actionable goals and a plan to implement them, along with a group of accountability partners to help motivate you along the way!”
– Sara Rogers

“Ranking #1 for ”Vancouver Family Photographer”. Started at #17! Preeeeeeeetty pumped to see my site climb up!!!”
– Jayme Lang

Thanks for the tip! I just posted this on Friday afternoon and I’ve had several inquiries!
– Elyse Anna

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Book Your 30 Min Strategy Sessions – September Intake

This is a strategy session call designed to better understand your goals, your vision and challenges. Together we’ll asses whether The Architect Lifestyle system is the right fit for you, your business and your lifestyle.

September 2021 | 8 Seat limit

Book Your 30 Min Strategy Sessions – October Intake

This is a strategy session call designed to better understand your goals, your vision and challenges. Together we’ll asses whether The Architect Lifestyle system is the right fit for you, your business and your lifestyle.

October 2021 | 8 Seat limit

Wake up each day feeling in control, living a life you love.

Crystal Clear Clarity
On Your Vision And Goals

Razor Sharp Focus & Improved Time Management

Smarter Tactics & Strategies To Attract Your Ideal Clients


“My goals are clear sighted, I know where I’m going.. I have so much direction. I feel much more organized, I know what I’m working towards each week (month + quarter + year) and my goals are clearly defined.”
— Danielle Lindenlaub


What is the format? 

This is different to an online course where you may have felt isolated and demotivated going through the work. You’ll be set up in a team of 8 with a mentor who is there for you, to inspire you, motivate you and guide you along the way. Working alone can be boring and confusing. This community format, live and in person is much more powerful. The added accountability will solidify you taking action with increased momentum.

How much are they?

Contact us for more information. 

Do you offer payment plans or scholarships?

100%. You can pay in instalments if you prefer. Drop Sachin a message to discuss. A handful of scholarships are also offered each year through industry partnerships.

I applied for a Strategy Call. What’s next?

We will be in touch within 24 hours to set up a Strategy call with Sachin Khona. Once you’re fully registered, you’ll receive a welcome email, access to The Architect Lifestyle System portal and all the other details to make sure you’re ready to go.

Where is it located? When are they?

All sessions take place over Zoom, from the comfort of your own home or work place. We ask all attendees to schedule 2 hours off for complete focus, free from distractions. We make sure the timings work for every participant before moving forward with any session.  They are typically between 8am-12pm PST (11am-3pm EST, 4pm-8pm GMT).

How is each session structured?

Each session includes teaching, exercises, meditations, brainstorming and ending with a set of actions to complete for the following week around 2 main topics. Together we will brainstorm ideas and solutions for you to move forward in your business and life, discussing any potential roadblocks or challenges and ways to overcome them.

There is always an opportunity for you to seek advice and for the group to brainstorm and offer their support. You’ll be challenged to craft a plan of actions for you to take in the next week to succeed. This method has proven to gain results for our attendees at a much faster pace.

Momentum through action.

Who is this for?

Each member of The Architect Lifestyle System is a Creative Wedding Photographer and has been documenting weddings full time for a minimum of 3 years.

What if I miss a session? What is the commitment level?

We encourage you to commit to being on all sessions, as the conversations are shaped by group participation, and it’s where the magic happens! We understand that things do come up, and will support you in catching up on the conversation afterward.
All sessions are recorded with a 1 week replay to keep you on track.

Who will I be in a group with?

Each group is carefully curated to ensure that everyone is as hungry as each other to level up their business, and are ready to take a leap forwards. We value community over competition and believe the biggest opportunity to grow your business is through supporting your fellow group members to do so too.

When is the next intake?

September 2021.

How do I know this is the right fit for me?

Great question! Hop on a discovery call with Sachin to hash out what works best for you right now, and make sure it’s in line with your goals and future.

Start Your Journey.

The Architect Lifestyle System Is Here.