11. Moving Across The World Chasing A Creative Dream w/ Sachin Khona



The tables have turned on today’s episode as this week, I (Sachin) am taking my turn in the interviewee hot seat. My good friend, and producer of this podcast, Jeremy Enns is asking the tough questions today, and we’re digging into my journey from the financial world of London, England, to becoming a full time creative in Vancouver, Canada.

Interview Host: Jeremy Enns // September 2018
Listening time: 45 mins
Photo: James Moes

Between moving countries, a complete career change and a health crisis, I was forced to looking inward at the life I was creating for myself. We dig into how learning to honour my body and mind through yoga and meditation has played a huge roll in my transformation as a person and creative, and how I was able to move from one of the most uncreative careers imaginable to full-time creative work.

We also talk about ‘living life with no regrets’ and the importance of finding gratitude in your daily life. On the photography side of things, we discuss how travel and street photography influence my wedding work, and how I’ve managed to get established as a Vancouver Wedding Photographer.

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  • Dealing with the disconnect between the corporate and creative worlds
  • The role street photography can play in day to day life and in weddings
  • Advice on how to gain the confidence to get your name out there
  • The importance of highlighting minority voices in the creative industries
  • What Sachin is most excited for during this year’s upcoming Experience // ARC conference 


“It just made a lot of sense to create something like this, where I could dive a bit deeper into the minds of creatives.” (6:56)

“I believe thoughts become things, what you focus on is where your energy goes, and what ends up manifesting in your life.” (18:51)

“I just love the fact that I can be like a guest at a wedding day, and combine the documentary feel of how I love to capture the streets, letting things unfold naturally, shooting that, but then creating some beautiful portraits .. and delivering that to a couple” (34:11)

“When you are truly in the moment there are no worries, there’s no regrets or anything .. you’re just fully in that moment.” (40:23)

“We wanna see more representation and more diversity in our community. If you have something to share and people are asking .. then just go for it!” (51:05)


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