12. Breaking The Wedding Photography Mold w/ Fer Juaristi



A tad unconventional, Fer Juaristi works to remind his clients that ‘their wedding is an experiment’ to try and scare away as many traditional couples as possible. Inspired by cinematographers, tattoo artists, and anyone else who is unconventionally artistic themselves, Fer takes his photos with a critical eye and a creative heart, and today shares some of that process with us.

Interview Host: Sachin Khona // September 2018
Listening time: 40 mins
Photo: James Moes

Fer Juaristi is a Mexican Wedding Photographer who has cultivated his passion for photography into a fulfilling career. He focuses on remaining true to his artistic form and thinks about the psychology behind the shot. Fer is sharing how he connects his shooting to emotions, the importance of nostalgia, and why it is important to create a community in which to learn from each other.

As a wedding photographer, you get to choose what couples, a task that Fer does not take lightly. By anticipating the moment, thinking fast, and acting slow, Fer wants to inspire others to fulfill their passions and chase their dreams.

What do you think of Fer’s unorthodox approach to wedding photography? Let us know in the comments below.


  • How to balance between family, education, and photography
  • How to finding and define your niche
  • Getting over those missed moments and trusting your gut
  • The importance of finding your own style of curation
  • Steps you can take to view your weddings as more dreamlike


“I just feel so lucky to be part of this industry, where everybody is so humble and willing to share their knowledge.” (5:36)

“For me, weddings are more like dreams, more subtle… my personal stuff is to break my rules that I don’t follow in weddings.” (10:08)

“I love being the underdog. Once they see their slideshow they are going to be like ‘Holy mother of God, I didn’t know this kind of photography was possible during a wedding’.” (17:50)

“It doesn’t matter if you have been shooting weddings for 10 years or 10 days, you can learn from the older guys and the newer guys.” (31:45)

“I always just react man, I am a freaking animal. So I just react to whatever happens in front of me, and I go crazy.” (36:35)


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