10. How Setting Up Systems Will Allow You To Be More Creative w/ Brian Morrow



Do you have systems set up in your business? Do you feel as creatively capable as possible? Brian Morrow explains how it’s often the un-sexy things like business systems that help us consistently be our most creatively activated.

Interview Host: Sachin Khona // September 2018
Listening time: 68 mins
Photo: Brinson + Banks

Brian is the Founder and Creative Director of Shark Pig, a full-service video production company in Los Angeles. He recently helped produce a feature-length documentary called Hal, about filmmaker Hal Ashby which showed at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and is premiering around the US now.

Today he talks to us about how he was able to balance (or not) between documentary work and work for clients. He also talks to us about the power of the human mind and the importance of keeping different aspects of living in balance.

What do you think of balance in the unique way Brian talks about it? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Balancing the business work and the documentary work
  • The importance of the un-sexy business things like systems
  • The power of being fueled by something bigger than paying rent
  • The connection between different areas of our lives and the importance of balance


“There’s the art of it and the business side of it. The logistics of it, or the structure of it. And those things have equal weight.” (17:02)

“Don’t waste the amazing power of your brain on things that you can just make a decision and then act underneath the umbrella of that decision potentially for years in a row. Or if you want … you can just think about it .. every week.” (25:30)

“When I’m operating at my lowest, it’s when I’m too stressed out. And too stressed out is not a high functioning thing. It means that it’s out of balance.” (43:08)

“If you feel like sh** in your body, it’s not rocket science. It doesn’t take Sigmund Freud and a whole bag of cocaine to figure out that it’s probably going to have an effect on what’s happening in your brain.” (40:58)


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