14. How Understanding SEO Can Help Attract New Clients w/ Catalina Jean



Although we all love to take beautiful images, it takes a bit more strategy and work to get your photos out there where they can be seen. Catalina Jean has taken to the algorithm science of SEO targeting to increase her reach and is constantly booked up for weddings every year because of it.

Interview Host: Sachin Khona // October 2018
Listening time: 49 mins
Image: SpaceWolfGrace

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Catalina takes artistic portraits paired with unique storytelling moments to produce natural wedding photography. She is constantly shooting and practicing with light, is inspired by anime and virtual reality, and knows how to optimize your website with keywords to potentially bring you business.

Catalina is walking us through what exactly SEO is, how you should be using it, and why. Learn how to use SEO to maximize opportunities in your geographical area, how to properly filter keywords and compete with domain authority, and more.

SEO can take some time to absorb, but can be an incredibly important step in boosting your marketing and getting rid of the things you may not even know are killing your website. Google isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so its best to learn how you could be expanding your reach and meeting the clients you want.

Have you used SEO to target potential clients and get your voice heard? Share your SEO experiences in the comments below!


  • Why you should be using various marketing tactics and not just Instagram
  • What is SEO and why you should care about it
  • Insights into how to better optimize your next post
  • How frequently you should be putting out online content
  • Using virtual reality as an immersive experience into other cultures


“It’s one thing to tell a story or show a video, but there’s something [else] .. when you’re able to be immersive in it.” (11:12)

“You don’t need to know everything about SEO… but here’s what’s going to get you business.” (22:00)

“I see each blog post as sort of an arrow to a target, and I think you first have to define your target.” (23:59)

“If you get enough of those sort of fishing lines thrown out, then you can break into a new area and change things up.” (29:07)

“You’re actually able to analyze and strategize on your own, beyond the rules, when you understand the targeting and the strategy and goals.” (33:50)


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