S2E7: An Inside Look At ARC: Techniques


We’re turning the tables today to give you all the details about the upcoming ARC Techniques conference being held in Vancouver, BC this November. A ‘mini version’ of the ARC Experience, the Techniques conference is all about learning from your fellow creatives while getting a little silly.

Interview Host: Sachin Khona // July 2019
Listening time: 25 mins

Image by ARC 2019 Keynote Speaker + Workshop Host: Benj Haisch

Joined by my friend Adonye Jaja from the Blacklight Podcast, this episode is all about exploring what makes ARC tick and what to expect from the Techniques conference. Gain insight into this years panel of speakers, what steps are being taken to make Techniques more accessible for all, and even gain a cheeky bonus discount code for those of you who haven’t bought tickets yet.

Techniques is 70% sold out and is guaranteed to be a great time full of education and fun. What are you waiting for? Grab your ticket for Techniques in the show notes and don’t forget that discount code!

In This Episode

  •  Exploring Sachin’s past life as a teenage nightclub attendee and organizer
  • Learn which workshops and panel speakers Sachin is most excited for this year
  • Gain insight into the format of the Techniques experience and what to expect
  • Understand the importance of technical education and connecting with your clients
  • Score a bonus discount code to use when purchasing your tickets for Techniques


“I knew that I wanted to bring people together and create a community and create events.” (5:18)

“Something that I would personally love to learn as time goes on is just kind of the finer details of relationships with my couples and delivering better service.” (11:32)

“I really wanted to bring something to Vancouver this year that kept the community going and had a lot of value too, but wasn’t the same as The Experience.” (15:24)


Experience ARC Techniques


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