S2E6: How To Create Your Financial Warehouse Of Wealth w/ Thomas DeSchutter



Thomas DeSchutter has worn many hats, beginning with a professional recording career as a drummer and making a major life change and diving into the world of financial advising. Now Thomas helps his clients find sustainable personal wealth and success by empowering them to become the stewards of their own financial affairs. 

Interview Host: Sachin Khona // July 2019
Listening time: 59 mins

Thomas believes in the positive potential of surrounding yourself with those you wish to be like, setting financial goals and using lessons from the Buddha to give power to your thoughts. Learn how to change the language you use around money, how to start creating good sustainable financial habits for yourself, and the importance of building a financial warehouse of wealth for your legacy. 

As creatives, the way we deal with saving, spending and everything in between can get a bit messy. Thomas is determined to help others create financial literacy for themselves so that you can shift your subconscious relationship to money. 

A no-nonsense talk about what it takes to fire yourself up, create what you love and still be financially stable, Thomas is a wealth of knowledge for new and seasoned entrepreneurs that want to grow smarter. 

Are you ready to tune yourself into the financial conversation and create habits that will take care of your needs from the inside out? Share what you learned about wealth mastery in the comments below.

In This Episode

  • Effective habits to help make you money and keep you thriving for years to come
  • How to develop a healthy conversation, mindset, and language around money 
  • The importance of being true to yourself as an artist first and foremost
  • What you can do right now to start a change in yourself and the rest of the world
  • Day to day apps and software to better manage your personal finance 


“You have to unload the terrible stuff that’s in you in order to find the gems. You can’t just sit around waiting for ‘oh this is the perfect moment for me to be creative’.” (5:31)

“Its a discipline, there are no shortcuts. Yes there is some natural talent involved, but at the end of the day you have to put in the work, you have to put in the hours, you have to learn your craft. And I would say that would apply to any area of your life.” (15:51)

“The first part for me around anything to do with finance is what is our thought process, and what are the words we speak out loud and to ourselves? And retraining that. Because that is the starting point for any conversation for anything in your life, especially money.” (22:43)

“As a creative person, you need to be feeding, I use the word ‘need’ there, you need to be feeding what fires you up. That is what is going to set you apart.” (39:21)

“I am sure if I sat down with you we could have an in-depth conversation about photography gear. How it works, why you would do this, how you would light something, everything that you would want to know about photography, chances are you know it already or you are on the path to learning it. That’s what it takes in finance.” (48:25)

“Building a financial warehouse of wealth if you will, of creating the warehouse of wealth for your legacy, starts with knowing exactly where you are today, everything that is going on, and then building outward from there.” (51:34)


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