3. Improve Your Productivity, Improve Your Life w/ Mike Vardy of Productivityist

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Do you ever feel like there’s just not enough time in the day to deliver to your clients, hone your craft, and grow your creative business? As creatives, I think we all do to some extent. As Mike Vardy explains, the problem might not be that we have too little time, but that we’re not using the time we have effectively.

Interview Host: Sachin Khona // July 2018
Listening time: 51 mins

Mike is an expert in personal productivity and time management, and is ready to help us get our productivity back on track. He is the founder of Productivityist, the creator of TimeCrafting and a renowned author and public speaker.

Before joining us at The Experience this October in Vancouver BC, Mike is bringing his wealth of knowledge to the studio to simplify the process of being a more productive and attentive person. By using his background in comedy as a way to stay both entertaining and informative, Mike helps people all over the world ‘define their days, funnel their focus and make every moment count.’

Tackling topics like your to-do list, evening and morning routines and the importance of which app you interact with, today’s episode is necessary for anyone looking to improve their time management.

Have you tried any of Mike’s productivity tips? What helps you maximize your daily productivity? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Money and time – the currency of life
  • Easy tips to be more productive in everything you do
  • Why you should write everything down
  • How daily journaling can help you live a more productive life
  • How to pick the right app for your photography
  • Why morning and evening routines can be a key to productivity


“Slowly I went away from being the parody of productivity into an actual pundit and even a philosopher. Which is what I have become, I’ve gone from being a productivity enthusiast to a specialist to a strategist and now, even more, a philosopher.” (5:24)

“Time management is a really dry topic, it just is! So by making it more human, and one of the best ways to make something more human is to bring the humor to it, I think that makes it more accessible.” (10:00)

“The app is not the important thing, it’s the framework, it’s the skill, it’s the intention, don’t worry about the app because the app comes secondary. Instead, focus on the app within first.” (18:50)

“It’s about creating boundaries for yourself, it’s about knowing yourself first, saying ‘hey this is what I’ve seen’ creating boundaries so that you work within that data that you have, and then respecting boundaries, which is the hardest part.” (33:22)

“It’s all about awareness. And in order to be truly aware you have to be honest with yourself, and sometimes that can be painful.” (35:23)


Take your craft to the next level at The Experience in Vancouver this October


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