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We’re mixing things up AGAIN this year at The Experience photography conference in Vancouver, BC.

After really successful attendee presentations over the last 2 year, we’re again inviting our 2018 attendees to get on stage and into the mix. At ARC we realise so many talented creatives attend conferences and we want YOU to have the opportunity to speak and present too.
Always wanted the chance to present?
Sign up to give a Fast-Paced presentation, Pecha Kucha style, at The Experience // ARC.
Not only will you be hearing from our expert lineup of Keynote photographers and our 8 BIG IDEAS, Mini presenters, you too can get up on stage.

ARC Fast Paced Presentation

All Images by The Apartment Photography


Be the expert for a whole 3 minutes and 45 seconds.
Why 3 mins and 45 seconds?… Well, here’s how it works.
In this presentation style, 15 slides are shown for 15 seconds each – this means each presentation will not go over 3 minutes and 45 seconds. Short and sweet.
What started in Japan as Pecha Kucha has made it’s way to Vancouver for The Experience // ARC. Organised in 2016 by Hugh Whitaker and Sachin Khona,

this style of presentations are meant to offer a fast-paced, speedy info-sharing experience.
Your host this year will be the incredibly talented, Brian Morrow!

Brian Morrow by Brinson Banks

Above image by Brinson Banks


Most presenters will show off their creative work, but you’re free to speak about such topics as your personal work and projects.


Maybe you are passionate about your community, shoot some 35mm film on the side at weddings or are a secret expert in shooting destination weddings? Are you a master editor in Lightroom or Photoshop? Do you dabble in a bit of family photography or maybe you print your work? Are you passionate about photographing cityscapes or wildlife? Perhaps you work closely with a charity and want to tell us about it?

Fast Paced ARC Presentation

If there’s a topic you’re passionate about or anything else that tickles your fancy, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Pecha Kucha ARC


Send us an email to, and we can get the conversation started. Please use the subject ‘Fast Paced Presentations’ and let us know what you have in mind in less than 50 words. Send us a potential title and a (very small) description. Remember, the presentation is only 15 slides long. So keep it succinct! :)

All entries are considered. Entries close Friday, September 14th, 2018.

Fast Paced ARC


We’ll soon have a blog post coming up with all the tools and techniques you need on how to best prepare for this Fast Paced style of presenting. With advice from one of our favourite wedding photographers in Canada and one of this year’s Keynote speakers, Hugh Whitaker!
Hugh has already been through the process of creating a presentation and has a lot of advice to share with you from last year.
Look out for that blog post coming soon.

Hugh Whitaker ARC

Images by Hugh Whitaker


If you haven’t signed up for The Experience, you’ll be missing out!

Join us for an out-of-the-box experience with passionate photographers & creatives including food trucks, city adventures, a huge party and more …

Grab your ticket NOW and join us this October 23-25 in Vancouver, BC.

How it went down in 2017  >> ARC 2017 Highlights

Learn more here >> The Experience // ARC


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