S2E2. How To Creatively and Safely Explore Sex, Love and Relationships w/ Jared Matthew Weiss



Jared Matthew Weiss is on a mission to create safety and security when it comes to relationships and sex. The founder of Touchpoint Townhall, a podcast and social experiment taking place in New York City, JMW is all about creating a safe space for people to discuss and share stories from what they are experiencing and exploring with their love and sex lives.

JMW Touchpoint ARC interview

Interview Host: Sachin Khona // May 2019
Listening time: 49 mins

As creatives, when we feel empowered to create the things that are in our heart, we feel free, and the same goes when we are in love and in bed with another person. JMW creates a space where people can express their thoughts and feelings and create an intentional and conscious decision to explore ongoing conversations with your partner.

On this episode, we explore the paradox between safety between partners and exploring the unknown, embracing your spontaneity while still finding security, and which questions to ask when defining your relationship. When you are able to talk openly about what you and your partner are experiencing and exploring, you can transcend your physical identity and hold space for yourself and others.

It is possible to gain permission to be whoever you want to be by finding a place where you are able to listen to other people. By opening these conversations you can explore who you truly are in bed, understand how you express yourself and learn what is true to you. It is time to harness your self-expression into sexual freedom with the help of JMW.

How does his vision of love and sex relate to how you express yourself? Share with us in the comments below!


  • Embracing the unknown and the spontaneous while still finding safety and security
  • Learn how to talk about what you are experiencing and exploring sexually
  • Exploring the relationship and self-esteem to orgasm, meditation, and gratitude
  • Discussing sexual exploration and different relationship structures
  • How to create a sacred space with your partner for ongoing consensual conversations


“It’s just been an incredible journey where I have been able to listen and learn really from just real people, about what they are exploring, what they are experiencing people on the intersections of all things… and its really been an amazing journey.” (8:59)

“When we hear other people get vulnerable, and more specifically when we hear other people confess that they are just like us, it gives us permission to be who we are.” (14:31)

“The point of a relationship is not to just be in a relationship and it’s certainly not to just be in something that doesn’t end. It is to serve us in a physical or spiritual or emotional way, its to promote our personal growth and the personal growth of our partners.” (25:44)

“There is a whole spectrum of things we can talk about, from the mundane to the existential, but ultimately how do we create that container where we can have an ongoing conversation because that is exactly what a relationship is.” (27:43)

“We need emotional safety to show up fully as ourselves in bed, in love, and in life.” (36:46)


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Urban Tantra Book by Barbara Carrellas

Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel

The Book of Forgiving by Desmond Tutu

She Wants It by Jill Soloway

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