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Interview by Sachin Khona // August 2017
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We’re introducing  a new mini series of interviews with future attendees of The Experience this October in Vancouver. First up is Angela Rusheinski – a Vancouver based wedding, portrait and boudoir photographer.

Angela is a mother, wife, yoga nut and HBO enthusiast. She’s fascinated by the stars and the universe and likes to set goals, eat cheese, drink wine and stand on her head. We’re so excited she’s joining us here at ARC!

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Can you tell us a bit about the style of photography you shoot and what motivates you to shoot in this way?

I think that my love for boudoir definitely influences my wedding work. I’m always aiming for an edge of sexiness and I find that time and time again, I’m most drawn to shooting solo shots of the bride. I like warmth and deep colours and I’m incredibly concerned with making sure that every detail is flattering. I recognize that even on the most incredible backdrop, our clients are looking first at themselves.



Tell us a little bit about your camera set up for weddings and/or personal work?

Although I do bring along backup options, I’m incredibly simple when I shoot weddings. I find I’m rarely (if ever) changing my set up of two Canon 5D Mark IV bodies with a Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art on one and a Canon Canon 135mm f/2L on the other.


I’m holstered up with the Hold Fast Money Maker and a super stylish (not actually) fanny pack with my SD cards. The rest of my gear comes along in Lowepro bag and includes two Canon 580 EX II speedlites, a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L, a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 and lots of batteries and snacks.



Are there any key lessons from 2016 that you can share with us?

The one thing I think has helped me improve more than anything is remembering to slow down. I’m constantly reminding myself to stop, look around, and re-evaluate.

If it’s a wedding, I want to know if I’m missing a small moment happening somewhere else. If it’s a bridal or boudoir portrait, is there a piece of hair that should fall in a different direction, or can I change my perspective to be more flattering? If I’m shooting a couple and I’m patient with the moment, can I catch something more natural?



I feel like when we’re new, or nervous, or out of our comfort zone, we sometimes feel like if we keep moving and directing it gives the appearance of being in control (I certainly used to fall into this), when the opposite is actually much more true.

My mantra… ‘slow down, be present’.



Can you share a recent image you’re particularly proud of and tell us why? Is there a story that goes with it?

I’m big into goal setting and I like to create personal challenges. At the beginning of the 2016 wedding season one of my goals was to work on my bridal party group shots and to make them more interesting. It became a part of the day that I particularly looked forward to. What was even more exciting was that as I posted these styled shots, I started getting more requests for them, and my brides anticipated them with me.


Which photographers outside of your style are currently inspiring you?

Since having my first child last year, I’m so inspired and moved by candid childhood images. Some photographers who I think are especially knocking it put of the park are @cetinburcu and @courtneyholmesfilmsandphotos.



We’re stoked you’re joining us this October in Vancouver FOR THE SECOND EXPERIENCE. Our theme THIS YEAR  is “Ideas . Inspiration . Action”

Is this your first time attending and what do you hope to gain from attending?

This will be my second year (can’t wait!). ARC is such an inspiring community to be a part of and I really want to make the effort to get out of my comfort zone and connect with more of you this year!




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Our next photography conference in Vancouver, BC is this October 17-19, 2017.

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Host: Brian Morrow
Interviews by: James Moes

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Photo by Jacob Loafman


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