6. How To Turn Creative Weaknesses Into Strengths w/ Angela Ruscheinski



We all have areas in both our art and businesses that we know don’t measure up to the areas in which we shine. Often we try to cover up and hide those weaknesses, but as Angela Ruscheinski shares with us today, what we should really be doing with those is turning them into strengths.

Interview Host: Sachin Khona // August 2018
Listening time: 35 mins

Angela Rusheinki is based in Vancouver, BC. After life as a server left her unfulfilled she picked up a camera and has been crushing the industry for the past 5 years. Always in constant competition with herself, she is making a huge mark in the BC photography game and is the keynote speaker at The Experience coming up this October in Vancouver.

Focusing on a wide range of shoots including family, boudoir and weddings, Angela knew she would always work in the art industry. Angela shares her philosophy behind education and inspiration in photography, how to say no to the couples that don’t suit your style, and how holding out for her ideal niche clients has helped increase her happiness, and portfolio.  

Have you ever had a weakness that later became a strength for you? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Angela’s sink or swim mentality
  • Saying no to the couples who don’t suit your style
  • Turning your weaknesses into strength
  • The connection between yoga, visualization and photography
  • How to avoid burnout by setting goals


“I used to think that success for me was shooting these big lavish blog-worthy ballroom weddings with you know, a wedding cake that’s taller than me. But what I have learned is that most of the time those don’t make me happy, there’s a lot of stress, a lot of attention to details that really don’t matter to me.” (6:02)

“I’m going to talk a lot about sort of how I’ve come through photography, and what my day to day life is, and burnout because I experience a lot of that, and how I have found balance.” (10:57)

“I am not the most technically perfect photographer, I don’t create these incredibly interesting compositions, but I think my niche is in pulling out those intimate, playful, connected images.” (20:24)


Take your craft to the next level at The Experience in Vancouver this October

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