5. Why You Need To Be Taking Intentional Risks w/ Levi Tijerina

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How clear is the intention behind your photography? How about the intention behind your life? As Levi Tijerina shares today, while it’s important to be in the moment while creating art, it’s maybe more important to have a vision of where you’re guiding your art, business and life.   

Interview Host: Sachin Khona // August 2018
Listening time: 55 mins

After finding a passion for photography while living in Europe, Levi relocated to Denver, Colorado, and began photographing international weddings. Six years later he is a force in the industry and is always on the cutting edge of creativity.

Offering tips on how to promote your location, ways to get out of your comfort zone and the importance of subtly in art, Levi is a wealth of knowledge and we are thrilled to have him on today’s show. Motivated by keeping his images timeless and creating a lasting legacy, Levi definitely knows how to take more than just a pretty picture. Levi is inspired by travel, the couples he works with and the intention of photography. 

What’s the guiding intention behind your work?How has travel inspired your photography journey? Let us know in the comments below.


  • How travel inspired Levi
  • The difference between wedding photography in Europe and the US
  • Why you need to take risks to improve your portfolio
  • Using Instagram as a medium to make a statement
  • The importance of being intentional about where you take your work and life


“One of the biggest things I took away was the ability to take risks, and that things aren’t so linear.” (5:18)

“Although the photos were pretty terrible, they were my photos, and kind of my way of experiencing another culture. And for me, it was a kind of an anthropology experience documenting what I thought was important, and then maybe coming to find out what I had thought was important maybe wasn’t as important as I imagined it to be.” (7:49)

“I feel like art is the most powerful when it’s most subtle. So, what I am really trying to do is be really mindful about how I include subtleties in my art that speak for themselves, that aren’t necessarily in your face about what I am trying to communicate, but that also doesn’t shy away from things I want to talk about.” (16:06)

“I think for a lot of us we just aim too low with those intentions, we say we want to travel or make x amount of money or have a certain type of freedom or opportunity. And those things are usually pretty attainable to some point and so when we get there it’s like ‘what happens next?’” (21:07)


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