S2E4: How Self Care Can Reinvigorate Your Creative Vision w/ Akeem Pierre


Akeem Pierre

As creatives, we can often feel drained if we aren’t following our passion, but struggle to balance that passion with success. Akeem Pierre is my health and wellness coach and inspirational creative in his own right, who believes in restoring your energy through self-care. Akeem combines the healing power of nutrition, exercise, energy, and movement to create a space of mindfulness and creative awareness.

Interview Host: Sachin Khona // May 2019
Listening time: 59 mins

Portraits of Akeem by: Sachin Khona

If you are struggling with getting in tune with your creative vision, Akeem provides physical and mental exercises to help you tap into your true spirit. The best way to become more intuitive is to embrace the skills that allow you to add extra intention into your day to day life, and create daily rituals to check in with yourself and stay on track for what is serving you best.

Akeem believes that our ability to achieve greatness is directly correlated to our ability to adapt and create without second-guessing ourselves. By recognizing the patterns in your life, tuning into what your spirit truly needs, and fueling our bodies with the appropriate things we can position our brains onto a path of enlightenment.

Are you ready to practice mindfulness and enter an engaged state where you are able to go with the flow and create a world for yourself full of harmony and bliss? What do you relate most to Akeems message of self-discovery and self-acceptance? Share what resonated most with you in the comments below!

In This Episode

  • How to avoid burnout and stay in your flow despite creative setbacks
  • Understanding the role your vocabulary can play in the way you live your life
  • Exploring Irish Sea Moss, Maca and how they can physically benefit you
  • Gaining food tools to utilize when necessary to make yourself feel better
  • Breathing and exercise techniques to help you tune into yourself anywhere


“I look at tuning in as just being able to listen to the signs that your body and your mind are telling you.” (6:30)

“When we are talking about creation and being creative, it’s all aspects of life. It is not just taking a photo, not just taking videos, it’s also being able to look into your mind and scan your mind and replace anything that isn’t serving you, replace anything that doesn’t make you feel like you can create better.” (13:29)

“The best way to become more intuitive is to understand if this is helping me and if this is not. You just have to go back to tuning in and just asking that question, ‘is this helping me, is this serving me?’” (30:08)

“Our brain is trying to keep us safe, but we got to know when we have to take control and be those creators of our life and of our destiny.” (47:33)

“When you listen to that inner voice, it is just allowing you to be yourself in what you really want to do right now.” (57:24)


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