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We promised you an out-of-the-box experience .. so that’s what you’re getting.

The Experience // ARC has lined up some very experienced photographers to offer critique and helpful tips for those of you who enter your photos as part of our Live Judging sections.

Take this opportunity to submit and get involved. We can’t wait to see what you produce!



the world’s most respected photographers AT THE EXPERIENCE //ARC

Kelly Tunney, M. Photog

Kelly is flying out all the way from Australia and has won multiple awards as a wedding photographer.

  • 2016 ACT AIPP Professional and Wedding Photographer of the Year
  • 2016 ACT AIPP Wedding Photographer of the Year
  • 2015 AIPP AUSTRALIAN Wedding Photographer of the Year
  • 2015 ACT AIPP Wedding Photographer of the Year …

These are just a few .. seriously!

Learn more about Kelly.


Ross Harvey

One of Junebug’s Best Wedding Photographers in the World
TWIA’s Best Wedding Photographer in England 2014
TWIA’s Best Wedding Photographer in England 2013

Ross now sits as a judge for the The Wedding Industry Awards in England (TWIA).

Learn more about Ross.


Nessa K, BFA

One of our 10 experienced speakers at The Experience, Nessa has a BFA in photography and has been shooting weddings worldwide for over 7 years and has a background in illustration.

Learn more about Nessa.


James Moes

James Moes is our host at The Experience and is considered an industry veteran, shooting weddings for over 8 years and has been internationally recognised in magazines including Martha Stewart, Elle UK, Brides Magazine and Vogue.

Learn more about James.


 We’re so honoured to have these 4 come to Vancouver from as far away as Australia, the UK and the US.

SO .. Here’s how it all works…


We’ve got 2 sections, Wedding and Portrait split into 2 categories:


Photojournalistic Category

Genuine Moments: Showcasing the truth and beauty of the moment.

  • Images taken in the spur of the moment
  • “Documentary” or “Story-telling” in nature
  • Single capture images
  • Minimal processing / Photoshop manipulation

Creative / Open Category

In Camera: Creative techniques used at the time of shooting.

  • Examples include:
    • Creative framing of subjects
    • Layering (telling multiple stories in one image)
    • Use of prisms and double exposures
  • Minimal processing / Photoshop manipulation
  • No composites
  • Wedding photos other than photojournalistic




In Camera: Creative techniques used at the time of shooting

  • Examples include:
    • Creative framing of subjects
    • Layering (telling multiple stories in one image)
    • Use of prisms and double exposures
  • Minimal processing / Photoshop manipulation


Conceptual & Illustration: Creative post production techniques using Photoshop or any other design software

  • Image manipulation encouraged

Kelly Tunney Arc Experience


The Experience // ARC attendees can send photos to with the Subject ‘Live Judging at ARC’

  • Please limit your entries to 2 per category.
  • Send images title as ‘firstnamelastname.jpg’
  • Send each image with at least 2400px on the long side
  • Your last chance to submit photos is October 14th 2016.  

If you’d like to print your submission and bring it to Vancouver, we will have an art gallery space for you to hang your print. More on that soon ..

(Please note that we have limited time for both these sections at ARC but we will do our best to cover as many entries as possible from a range of styles.)

We hope that you leave The Experience // ARC with a better idea of how you can improve, expand your vision, or take a new direction. Thanks for participating!


If you haven’t signed up for The Experience, you’ll be missing out!

Grab your ticket and sign up to have your chance to have your photos critiqued by our incredible 4 judges.

See you in October!


Other restrictions to keep in mind when entering:

  • Wedding entries must be commissioned and photographed during the client’s real wedding. If several photographic elements are used, all the elements must have been taken at the same wedding.
  • No work submitted from workshops/mentor sessions or styled shoots allowed.
  • Image presentation elements such as borders and textures must also be 100% photographic and the work of the photographer.
  • The image presented for judging must be 100% photographic in origin (including text).


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